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Expert advice from leaders in the Stain and Seal industry.
How to's, reviews, Q & A and general information about all things Stain and Seal.

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    Podcast # 10 Fence Armor

    Caleb talks with Al Martins at the NAFCA Fence school in Sebring, Florida about Fence Armor, a must have product to add protection to your fences.

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    Podcast # 9 The Contractor Fight with Tom Reber

    Caleb and John interview Tom Reber from the Contractor Fight. Tom helps contractors move in the right direction with their business. Tom says his goal is to bring respect and dignity back to the trade utilizing podcasts, YouTube, Facebook, and other tools to motivate and coach contractors that want to take their business to the next level. Tom’s programs and process works because he has been a contractor and dealt with the issues that normal people go through in this business.

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    Podcast # 8 Jacob Salem of EZ Metrics

    Caleb interviews Jacob Salem, owner of EZ Metrics, and talks with him about social media marketing. Jacob Salem is the Founder and CEO of EZ Metrics which is a turn-key social media marketing company. They focus on helping small business owners grow their business using social media marketing. Jacob has worked with businesses like the Zig Ziglar Corporation for years, helping them reach their fullest potential out of their social media marketing.

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    Podcast #3 Standard Paints Wood Defender Fence Stains

    An interview with Roy Branch and James Porter of Standard Paints Wood Defender Fence and Deck Stain product line in Dallas, Texas. Go To to find out more about wood Defender Stains. Go to

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    Episode #2 Ready Seal w/ Ryan McClain

    An interview with Texas Based Ready Seal's national sales manager Ryan McClain. Ready Seal info, staining tips, how to start a staining business, DIY staining tricks.

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